Interview #ZigZagHR

#ZigZagHR is the community for HR professionals in Belgium. Founder Lesley Arens invited Bieke Van Gool for a good and well-founded conversation following the book ‘Attention’.

With the baseline ‘Connected leadership in a hybrid world’, the book ‘Why attention is the essence’ received a prominent spot in the #ZigZagHR magazine. Founder Lesley Arens invited Bieke Van Gool for a podcast about connected leadership, about its importance, its dynamics and how to develop it.

  • What is attention?
  • Why is attention the essence?
  • And what does that have to do with leadership?
  • How to connect in disconnection?
  • How attention increases team effectiveness.
  • Why it is beneficial to focus on identifying and understanding problems rather than solely on finding solutions.

Watch or listen to this engaging podcast on connecting in times of disconnection about Angela Merkel, about H.O.O.M. attention and about Bieke’s favourite book “The Meaning of Existence” by Viktor Emil Frankl, holocaust survivor.

Much viewing and listening pleasure!

Connected leadership

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