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How does LINKx work? Personal, professional and with passion!

Every program begins with a meeting to understand your goals, address your challenges, and determine your main questions. Following that, we assemble a diverse team of specialists, trainers, and coaches – specialised in transformation, leadership, team dynamics, and change management – based on your specific needs and requirements. #topteam

We embrace hybrid working, and ideally, we work face-to-face in an inspiring and spacious environment in nature, making the experience stick. We work individually and in groups where we propose a modular coaching program, spread over a longer period. In this way we can guarantee noticeable change, growth, and lasting results. #topresult

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Hybrid Leadership Program: brand new!

This comprehensive hybrid course is designed to enhance your leadership abilities, enabling you to effectively inspire, motivate, and assist others. You will learn to adapt your styles and behaviours to meet the specific needs of each situation. Through completing seven modules and utilising a personal portfolio, and peer coaching you will delve into the different aspects of personal, interpersonal, and organisational leadership, reinforcing your knowledge, insights, and skills.


Your organisation wants to develop further? The right people in the right place doing the right things, your priorities and inter-connection, that’s what we focus on when we provide strategic advice. We guide management, project teams and boards by ensuring alignment and synchronization. We support and facilitate decision making, alignment, follow-up, and execution so that organisations achieve the set objectives through the right actions and plans.

Multi-perspective coaching:

This intensive deep dive is a leadership development program customised for you, led by at least two coaches. In 6 short sessions, we explore and determine the best steps forward for you. Through different perspectives and at a fast pace, we work to increase your awareness, insight, functioning and performance. We deploy observation, feedback, and feedforward. From various perspectives, with the goal of increasing your professional impact, we strengthen your talents and skills.

Career growth: guidance for your career

Connected working. Staying connected to your talents, drives, ambitions, and values is not self-evident, but it is important if you want to build a sustainable career. In times of high pressure, uncertainties, changing organisations and a changing definition of career success, it is important to stay in control of your career, with the right attention and focus. We dive below the waterline, into “the undercurrent,” and reset your professional path. We provide models and insights that lead to an intensive process of 3-5 sessions, in which goals and future actions become crystal clear.

Re-connect: reintegration tailored to your needs

Have you lost connection with your work or need a new compass? With this program, we guide professionals in their reintegration process in case of a breakdown. From a proactive and supported approach, we restore the energy balance and work towards a successful reintegration, in which making clear agreements with the work environment and a good follow-up are essential. We support your progress and decision-making process, paying attention to your work and/or private context.

Webinar: Brain-friendly & stress-free work?

In this 1-hour webinar, you’ll learn how to allow our brain to relax more during and after work, how to reduce stress, and how to work (and live) more productively, happily, and healthily with greater focus and balance. We provide insights that invite reflection so that you can evaluate your own mental well-being at work, as well as concrete tips on how to tackle sources of stress, be more productive and achieve greater self-awareness. The goal is to guide participants to a stronger connection with themselves.

Our working method

LINKx’s approach is practice-oriented and evidence-based. Our approach is based on scientific research in the fields of psychology, sociology, and neuroscience. To this end, we enjoy working with Antwerp Management School, among others. As support in certain processes, we use proven instruments that help people reflect and gain insight, such as DISC, MBTI, and Management Drives. We combine this with our experience and expertise in the field, which we are happy to share with our clients. #sharingiscaring

Discover how to work in a brain-friendly and stress-free way! Book our webinar on mental health at work.

“Under Bieke’s guidance, I learned how to promote effective communication within my organisation, by developing a deeper understanding of various management drives, including my own.”

— Wesley Pryor, CEO of Acheron Trading

Curious about our webinars and open trainings? An interactive keynote on connected leadership or connected careers?

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