Bieke Van Gool


As a leadership consultant and executive coach, I support entrepreneurs, managers and boards who want to invest in themselves and their people. Leaders who want to move forward and succeed in business transformation. The right people in the right place, doing the right things. How? By paying attention to the most fundamental and maintaining focus. By clarifying priorities. By rethinking drives. By connecting and synchronizing with others. By changing perspectives and using the lessons of science.


What are your main priorities? Having the correct focus and a sense of empathy can lead to positive change. In the 21st century, it is important for a group to be willing and able to take responsibility for creating a sustainable future. Paying attention is crucial, as what you focus on will develop and expand. What are you currently focusing your attention on?


We, humans, are social animals. We were social before we became human. Connectedness is a predictor of good work performance and flexibility. Research shows that a sense of belonging is an important condition for mental health. Connection also enables the power of the collective, in other words, even more impact. How can I support you?


Your needs and goals. Together, customised, individually, in pairs or in groups, we determine your process; a customised journey with coaching, feedback and assessment tools, peer reviews, intervision, start-up, follow-up or action plan. Let’s challenge the current comfort zone and create impact.

Leadership tracks

Executive Leadership Coaching

Intensive high-impact individual growth path

How do you take your organisation to the next level? How do you develop yourself and prepare for the future ahead? Together we identify your needs, drivers, and priorities. Your personal transformation requires the courage to challenge your current comfort zone. My support, expertise, leading practices, and reflection questions have helped others on the path to change and results. Are you ready to increase your impact?

Strategic Leadership Advisory

Powerful alignment or alignment for alliances, partnership, management, and teams

Do you work in a high-performing team? How effective is your organisation and change process? Are individual goals connected to the common goal? Knowing how to evolve, how to avoid derailing your strategy, or how to stay on track has been a challenge for many of the leadership teams I have mentored. With more than 20 years of management-level expertise and experience, I facilitate and support shared effectiveness. Let’s tune into “First Things First.

Leadership Reboot Programs

Open small group programs for business leaders and senior executives

Once a year I invite you and other business leaders to inspiring locations for exclusive small group programs. We literally and figuratively distance ourselves from our organisations for several days. We improve our leadership skills, exchange perspectives, and use the time for personal transformation. We prepare for the future, share our progress on prioritization and leading practices. Want to find inspiration, gain new insights, and get support to clarify your path forward, just as others did?

Why attention is the essence

Our world needs leadership, people working together to make a positive difference. More people who move others to continue the necessary evolution. The 21st century demands ownership, a collective that can, will and dare take responsibility for a sustainable future. Attention is essential. Because, what you pay attention to, grows.

Bieke Van Gool's book has become a practical and comprehensive reference book for those who want to strengthen their leadership in a pragmatic and successful way. She encourages the reader to act and attain goals through focus, attention, and alignment with long-term objectives. The aim is to create a context in which people, teams and organisations can grow and thrive. This requires leadership, decision-making and courage.

“Bieke describes in a powerful, clear way why ‘attention’ is essential. A great reference work for anyone who wants to take concrete steps in their leadership in these challenging times. At the same time, she encourages readers to take action themselves and achieve success together.”

— Roland Briene, Commercial Director Damen Naval

Hybrid Leadership Program


This hybrid online course will strengthen your leadership so that you can inspire, motivate, and lead others effectively. By following seven modules, you will explore different areas of personal, interpersonal, and organisational leadership and increase not only your knowledge and insights, but also your skills within leadership development.

Whether you are a seasoned executive or an emerging professional ready to take on more responsibilities, the Hybrid Leadership Program is your complete and comprehensive roadmap.

The Hybrid Leadership Program is a collaboration between LINKx and the Acco Learn learning specialists. Together they strive to provide a learning experience that is results-oriented, bringing new perspectives, effectiveness, and efficiency to your personal leadership journey.

"Leadership is essential, transformation is necessary, and attention is the solution. Because what you give attention to, grows. My keynote is a story of connection, literally and figuratively."

— Bieke Van Gool

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