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Investing in yourself, your teams, and your organisation? By focusing on tomorrow, we develop the leaders of today.

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This hybrid online course will strengthen your leadership to effectively inspire, motivate, and lead others.


We guide organisations at a strategic and operational level and facilitate management, project teams and boards.


We develop leadership at various levels, from executive to junior leaders, and focus on increasing individual and team impact.

Learning & Development

We develop custom-designed initiatives (e.g., workshops, team sessions, online courses) to enhance leadership within and throughout your organisation or network.

Together we determine the way.

Do you want to strengthen your leadership or support your teams? Do you want to create a positive culture or make the shift to an agile company? Every partnership starts with an intake. LINKx starts from your context, your reality, and your goals. Together, we map out a customised trajectory: from strategic advice or individual coaching to short and longer training programs. From a personality questionnaire to a full circle stakeholder 360° feedback instrument, from in-house workshops to inspiring keynotes. For this you can count on our multidisciplinary experts who go 100% for a sustainable result. #passion.

LINKx develops connected leadership in a hybrid world at:

Personal level

Team level

Organisation level

Hybrid Leadership Program


LINKx is a collective of consultants, coaches and process facilitators who are passionate about leadership development. Linked by their shared ambition to generate positive impact.

We take it personally.

Why attention is the essence

Our world needs leadership, people working together to make a positive difference. More people who move others to continue the necessary evolution. The 21st century demands ownership, a collective that can, will and dare take responsibility for a sustainable future. Attention is essential. Because, what you pay attention to, grows.

Bieke Van Gool's book has become a practical and comprehensive reference book for those who want to strengthen their leadership in a pragmatic and successful way. She encourages the reader to act and attain goals through focus, attention, and alignment with long-term objectives. The aim is to create a context in which people, teams and organisations can grow and thrive. This requires leadership, decision-making and courage.

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