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Attention as a tool for organisational and cultural transformation

Attention leads to connection, and connection leads to impact. Effective organisations operate as a system in which teams and people connected to each other, achieve goals together. Do you want to prepare your managers and teams for a sustainable future? Is your company facing a challenging transformation? LINKx provides more insight, more connection, and more engagement. To transform from old to new frames of mind and realize positive change. #attention

A strong corporate vision

How do you ensure that everyone – top-down and bottom-up – is imbued with your company’s mission, vision, and strategy? Everything starts with aligning, synchronizing, and connecting in breadth and depth. We focus on understanding the needs, interests, and intentions of the leaders and effectively communicating and integrating them with the aspirations of the team members.

LINKx supports employees, teams, and organisations in the transformation from old to new frames of mind, fully “in sync” with your corporate vision.

A strong corporate culture

How do you create a positive culture and a growth mindset? How do we move your people toward new goals? With our expertise in neuroscience and human behaviour, we realize positive change based on interconnections. Because individual employees become more powerful when they feel connected to the whole.

LINKx makes the link between cause and effect, culture and behaviour, practices, or processes. We help your corporate culture develop positively.

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“Bieke Van Gool has had an undeniable impact on the leadership development program of my team, the board of EY – ACR. Bieke not only excels at creating connection, but also demonstrates a remarkably quick understanding of our world and the marketplace in which we operate. This allowed us to go straight to the heart of the matter, with the result that we quickly saw tangible improvements in team dynamics. Her interventions not only unified our group, but also paved the way for further leadership growth and development.”

Philippe Verhoeven – EY EMEA ACR Leader/Partner

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